One preachy vegan coming up! :)

So, alongside the corruption scandals and the attempt to ban the Catalán flag at Sunday's game, the decision by tho local government of Castilla y León to prohibit the killing of the bull at the Toro de la Vega festival must surely be the biggest news right now. But even though I was expecting anger, ignorance and even hate from those wishing to keep the festival as is, it still bowls me over when I hear arguments like "but we've always done this" or "if you don't like it, look away". Yeah, well, we've always had wars; women have always been paid less; up until very recently, children always worked. And dessert always comes after dinner. But none of these things are laws of nature that cannot be broken. And actually, even they can be sidestepped a little if you try.Argh, I know we're only at the start and most of the time nowadays I marvel at the positive steps the world is taking towards a kinder and more fair society. But then you hear people like this, who are not only ignorant (we were all horribly ignorant at one point; I wasn't born a vegan and still make so many mistakes, and there is still so much I don't know or don't know how to change) but actually seem to be proud of it. They spend a year planning a murder by torture and not once stop to even think about what they're doing. Or maybe they did stop and think and decided to go ahead anyway, which would make them some kind of psychos. Are they even thinking people at all or are they a bundle of nerves acting upon instinct? One wonders. But every time I see a commercial that's not gender specific, that shows a dog playing freely on a beach, a boy with long hair, a man who calls himself a feminist, a cat that's not just part of the furniture, an idea that makes you pause and maybe go ooh, those are tiny moments that give hope and makes you smile at the wonder of humanity. Positive thinking rules. Smiley face. ;)


  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Y no entiendo por qué el ser humano encuentra diversión viendo el sufrimiento de los animales. Será que necesita convencerse a si mismo que es superior? Porque realmente no lo es. Buen fin de semana Nancy. Espero que tu ánimo esté siempre mejor! :)

  2. Jag gillar verkligen dina senaste inlägg, så bra skrivet och så bra tänkt!

  3. This is the type of preaching I can listen to every day. Progress is made by breaking with tradition, and those who resist will only get left behind. I love your drawing. I feel like I'm getting pulled in to see the tiger, too! xo