Illustration Friday: Shoes

Do you ever feel like you would go off the beaten path, you really would, if only everywhere didn't seems trodden on already, soggy and worn down, packed into a hard glossy surface perfect for skating pretty patterns across. Those days when you're absolutely bored with everything and just want new ideas, new flavours, new worlds to excite you, and the best you get is a faintly different version of the old one. 
But then you pause, and you remember that everything new, however mindbogglingly weird, is based off of something that came before. And just like that the dull skies are a thousand hues of grey, humans look almost redeemable, kittens play and you think to yourself what a thrilling, old, brimming with potential, wonderful world, after all. ;)

(Still don't know how to get off the beaten path, but I'll leave that for another day. :p)
(This image was actually a collaborative piece with my sister.)


  1. Hola Nancy, yo creo que cada día empieza y termina, y cada día empieza una nueva senda para recorrer. con esto yo trato de vencer a la rutina. Cada día es diferente del anterior. Cada día comienzo con un proyecto nuevo, que no tiene que ser "El Gran Proyecto", solamente algo pequeño, una idea nueva cada día. Es suficiente para que yo sienta que el nuevo día no es igual al anterior. Felicitaciones a tí y a tu hermana, ambas son muy buenas artistas.
    Lamento que los blogs hayan caído en desuso... creo que últimaente todos han ido a Facebook. Incluso yo, tengo una página, si quieres pasar por ahí es esta: https://www.facebook.com/yosoymarin/