My first webcomic; getting started.

You know when you're trying and trying and keep getting lost on the way, and all you really need is a bit of guidance and a map to show you your end goal? Well, for me that map was the digital comics course I took this year (Malmö University); it was only the one semester but it was just what I needed to get a grip on the structure of things. Of curse I'm still learning and obviously everything takes at least ten times longer because I keep comparing myself to other people's work - which we all know one should never ever do but we all do anyway. The original plan was to do a traditional, printed book version first and then maybe post bits of it online BUT plans seldom stay the same and I ended up redoing the whole layout to fit the Line Webtoons format instead:

I know, it's looks weird, right? But once you get it on the phone app, it makes perfect sense. It took a while to find a Gimp tutorial to explain how to slice and prepare that long strip into something usable but I did it, thanks to fellow webtoon creator Ark.illu's YT tutorial
Anyhow, long story a little longer; the first part (of three) is up on webtoons and I'm just finishing up part two (I'll go over the story line and other issues next time). 
Learning new things is fun, don't you agree? :)