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Sketching on a Sunday.

  I've been trying to keep my weekends free to do other things but ... it's art, is it even possible to resist for ever? This week I haven't had any gardening projects to distract myself with so I decided to tackle my unwillingness to decide on a style for my next story. I so do enjoy pencil but it's not the style I want. So I'm trying all sorts and not falling for any. The obvious answer would be to just pick one and go for it.  But going for the obvious is harder than one might think. Digital is quick, convenient and fun: Oil crayons are buttery and so nice to use: Ink is such a favourite, less for the result, and so much for the enjoyment. And here are some charcoal sketches: We had glimpses of a bright autumn sun today, so that's the self-portrait for this week.💙

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